We are professionally trained handlers
of medical waste.

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Integrity Medical Waste management strives for excellence in every aspect of the medical waste disposal and management process.

  • Dedicated Customer Service – Our privately owned and operated medical waste disposal company employs gracious, thoughtful and thorough staff members who are knowledgeable and professionally-trained handlers of biohazard waste.
  • Efficient and affordable container and bag delivery and pick-up services with easy scheduling
  • Competitive, simple pricing with no hidden fees or surcharges
  • Simple, reliable, worry-free collection practice with the least amount of interruption to your business.
  • Consulting services for medical waste handling
  • Quid pro quo service for all-volunteer organizations

Integrity Medical Waste
is registered with the State of Texas.

Integrity Medical Waste is registered with the State of Texas. Our waste transportation equipment is state-certified and custom built to properly dispose of medical waste. Our personnel have access to training materials pertaining to DOH, OSHA, HIPAA and other compliance information.  We use EPA registered biocides including wipes, chemistries and complete clean-up.

State Laws on Managing and Disposing of Medical Waste:

Texas medical waste rules were revised in 2016 to implement House Bill 2244 (84th regular session of the Texas Legislature).  The revised rules became effective May 26, 2016.